12 Countries In The World That Are Dangerous For Traveling

Almost every individual loves to travel, to explore new places and experience the treasures of these destinations. But today, it’s really hard to pick a random country on the map to visit. There are few countries you should probably be afraid of visiting at some point of your life.

Here are some of the dangerous countries in the world which you must think twice before travel to. So, next time when you are planning for a vacation try to avoid these countries or be cautious if you do so.

1. Somalia

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Somalia is a hazardous place that must be avoided by tourists. It is mainly affected by extreme piracy which has been their biggest crisis. Somalia’s food shortage and numerous attacks have ruined the peoples’ lives. There are no U.K. and U.S. embassies in Somalia.

2. Russia

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The highest crime rate in Russia has made them as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The Russian crimes include kidnapping, money laundering, drug trafficking, extortion and murder for hire. In 2011, the United Nations rated Russia to be among the leading countries in homicide.

3. North Korea

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North Korea may be among the beautiful nations with spectacular landscapes that will make an impact on you. But if you visit, you will be keenly observed and watched to keep a check on your religious and political activity. It has been reported that North Korea ranks top with the worst human rights records in the world.

This country is been governed by the state, which has been accused for enforcing strict restrictions on torture, execution, death and freedom of speech. U.S. embassy is not there in North Korea also, that is why you must consider all the pros and cons before visiting this country.

4. Colombia

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Colombia has a highly segregated society that consists of wealthy Spanish and the poor Colombian; this is the major reason to be blamed for the danger existing in the country. Colombia’s crimes include various armed groups involved in Murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking.

5. Nigeria

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Nigeria’s conflict may be attributed to its corrupt government and its rules. The case may be about anything, whether it’s human trafficking, child abuse or rape and discrimination based on race, religion, sex and region and other serious crimes are uncontrolled here.

6. Afghanistan

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Afghanistan is remarkably a fabulous country, though it suffered the Russian invasion. And nowadays the Taliban are making the lives in Afghanistan miserable; the ongoing war against Al-Queda has made Afghanistan rank as one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Since 2013, thousands of people have been killed in war related acts. Problems that exist in this country are kidnapping and rebellious activities which can be really dangerous if you visit the country.

7. Iraq

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Iraq is one of the places you must avoid traveling to, although there are authorities that provide much needed security for tourists. The U.K. and U.S. are trying to prevent tourists from traveling to this country but those who visit have special escorts available. Iraq’s 9 year war was the major reason for the country’s unrest, where the country’s conflict is based on the Islamic state trying to conquer large areas of the country.

8. Central African Republic

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After a long session of peace, the Central African Republic has eruption of fighting among the government, Christians and Muslims that have resulted in ethnic, massive population displacement and religious refining. The U.S and U.K. has warned its citizens from traveling to this country.

There are no U.K. and U.S. embassies in this country. This makes the Central African Republic one of the most dangerous locations in the world to visiting.

9. Syria

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Syria definitely has great fascinating view to be admired. But Syria’s Civil war is the major reason to blame for its ranking as one of the world’s most dangerous countries. Avoid traveling here.

Syria is the hot spot of terrorism including car bombing, attacks on the U.S. embassy and murders, chemical weapons are also being used and people have to escape from their own homeland.

10. Sudan

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Major issue here includes slavery and ethnic cleansing. Sudan can be ranked as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. This is pretty evident in the ethnic strife along with other conflicts affecting this region.

11. Ethiopia

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Crime rate is very high in Ethiopia making it one of the world’s most dangerous countries. Criminal and political violence are common here. Crimes that happen here range from petty theft to stabbing, beating and kidnappings of foreigners.

12. Pakistan

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This is one of the most dangerous places on earth where you will hear of either bomb explosions or a terrorist attack almost every day. Home of the most number of terrorist organization in the world, Pakistan is an unstable democracy.

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