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8 Attractions In Rome That You Should Never Miss

Rome is undeniably the most stunning place in this planet with its rich ancient culture. It is one of the most popular capitals in the world. Rome has a lot to offer, at least two weeks is definitely required to experience and enjoy all the popular attractions of Rome and the mouthwatering delicacies of Italian cuisine.

There is a huge list of things to do in Rome, and I have picked out few of the awesome things to do in Rome which will make you to add this fantastic city to your bucket list.

1. Colosseum (Colosseo)

the Colosseum (michelebit_)

This massive site of 573 yards circumference sitting on a marshland, the Colosseum is an engineering wonder. It was completed in 80 A.D. and had the capacity to hold about 50,000 spectators. Today, the Colosseum is one of the popular sites amongst the travelers.

It is really hard to visit this place in day time due to the crowd. Most of the Colosseum visitors suggest taking a night tour as the crowd deceases. It is also recommended getting a guide to provide rich experience than just viewing the structure.

2. St. Peter’s Basilica (Basilica di San Pietro)

Ceiling of the St. Peter Basilica (jacegrandinetti)

St. Pater’s Basilica is a religious site and an epic centre of Roman Catholicism. It is one of the area’s major attractions, centered in Vatican City and is always crowded. The church is open daily for free tours but there is a stringent dress code enforced due to daily Mass services.

Most of the visitors of St. Peter’s Basilica enjoy trekking to the top of the dome as well as climb 323 steps to the summit. If you pay vaguely higher fee, you can take an elevator and capture the panorama of Rome’s spectacular landscape.

3. Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi)

The arch stands the statue of the nautical god Neptune of the Trevi Fountain (Chris Burgett)

Trevi Fountain is Located in Corso and Spagna, off the Barberni metro stop. It is situated amongst a high concentration of shopping, hotels and nightlife and it is one of the must- see site of attraction on many travelers’ itineraries.

This fountain was completed in the mid 1700’s and it’s an ideal model of baroque design with a distinctly mythological character. Recently, Trevi Fountain had undergone an extensive $2.4 million restoration. This legendry site is best viewed at night when lights illuminate the fountain. Travelers who visit this place throw coins to the fountain and make a wish.

4. Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel showing the East Wall and a portion of North Wall (wikimedia)

One of the Vatican City’s most notorious attractions housed within these walls is the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s famous frescos. A tour of the Vatican Museum grants you access to various sections of the palaces which includes the Sistine Chapel. Raphael Rooms and the spiral staircase are one of the treasures placed within the museums. You are highly recommended to take guided tours as the museums are immense.

5. Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna)

Empty stairs (sotiris92)

Spanish Steps is another must do things in Rome for many travelers. Finding this attraction might be a little hard but it’s all worth the long walk. If you climb atop of Piazza di Spagna you will get the overview of the city as well as the Spanish Steps, some elaborate Roman houses, Keats- Shelly House and lots of shopping off the Spagna metro stop. This site has received mixed reviews from visitors, for some it’s a great place and for the rest it’s been underwhelmed.

6. Pantheon

The Panthéon (Olive Titus)

Located in Piazza della Rotunda, Pantheon is a pretty interesting church as it is one of the oldest domes in Rome. It is also known for its perfect proportions which are amazing as it was raised in 120 A.D.

When you visit Pantheon, you may also pay your respect to the artist Raphael and the Italian Kings Umberto I and Victor Emmanuel II whose body has been buried here. The former pagan temple is also nearby in the Navona and Campo corner of Rome.

7. Roman Forum (Foro Romano)

Aerial view of the Roman Forum (annamariechurch)

Roman forum is one of the top attractions that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Rome. Located near to the Colosseum, but Roman Forum is not as popular as Colosseum. The site comprises much of the Ancient Rome’s most important Structures like shrines, monuments and government houses.

Although most of the complex is in ruins, you can still view the relics and imagine the glory of the Arch of Septimius Severus, the Arch of Titus, the Temple of Saturn and the Houses of the Virgins among other structures.

8. Trastevere

Medieval house at Trastevere in Rome (Carlo Raso)

If you are looking forward to experience the real Rome, then you must visit Trastevere. Located in the South Vatican City, this is the home to the Santa Maria as well as numerous neighborhood shops and restaurants.

Since it is little farther from the city centre you may feel good to explore a quieter place after weaving through the crowds. You get the feel of more authentic look into the life as a Roman after visiting Trastevere.

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