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11 Weird Hotels You Never Knew Existed

Travelling is so much fun and of course, visiting a completely new place and exploring it is exciting. Well, when you travel you would also need a proper accommodation and it carries great impact on your adventure. Sometimes, your accommodation itself is an adventure and the place you choose to stay is the point why you have opted to make this journey. Here, are few of the weirdest and coolest hotels on the planet where you would like to stay once in a lifetime.

1. Solent Forts (No Man’s Fort and Spit bank Sea Fort)

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Solent Fort is located off the south coast of England and it was built in 1867 to repel the French navy. This fort is today traveler’s sight of attraction. The travelers can stay here and enjoy quiet and peace with the saunas, plunge pools and wine-tasting rooms.

2. Panda Hotel

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Panda is one of the incredibly cutest creatures in the animal world. Everyone loves these black and white animals as they are like a teddy bear. If you are really a huge fan of pandas then you would love to stay in this panda Hotel in Emeishan, China. This hotel is unique in its own way. The hotel is completely, we mean everything is panda-themed.

3. Zand Sandcastle Hotels

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Zand Sandcastle Hotels is located in Netherland. When you take a first glance at it, you’ll feel, “it is so beautiful, they have built it exactly like a sand castle”. But you’re wrong, it is actually made up of sand. The Zand hotels are the world’s first hotels to be constructed out of sand. They are the temporary hotels which were inspired by the ice hotels built in Sweden and Finland.

4. Natura Vive Skylodge adventure Suites

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For some travelers, adventure means exploring new destinations but for other travelers who are true adrenaline junkies, they want adventure even while they are sleeping. If you really need adventure during REM, then you must head to Peru. Natura Vive Skylodge Adventure Suites is in Sacred Valley, Cuzco Peru. Here you can sleep in a transparent capsule overhanging the side of a cliff. This is not an ideal place to stay if you’re a sleepwalker.

5. Attrap’Reves Bubble Hotel

Attrap Raves Bubble Cabin in France (theitalianeyemagazine)

If you are keen to experience something special like a transparent accommodation, then this is the place for you. Attrap’Raves Bubble is in France; here you can stay in transparent bubbles out in the middle of the forest. You will be treated with a spectacular night sky. The other cool thing about this hotel is that these bubbles are made up of recycled materials.

6. Treehotels

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Growing up, it’s every kid’s dream to have a tree house. As an adult you are attracted to the idea of being up in a tree houses, surrounded by nothing but just good breeze, leaves and bark. Treehotels is one such incredible place located in Harads, Sweden. They are astonishingly very simple and beautiful, surrounded by amazing scenery.

7. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

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The Dog Bark Inn was created just to look like a dog, perhaps they were not converted from anything. This exclusive hotel consists of two rooms, one in the head and the other in the body. The furniture’s of the Inn are canine-inspired and even the guests are also welcomed with dog-shaped biscuits left on their pillows.

8. Jumbo Stay Hostel

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If you have a phobia of flying but you feel planes are pretty cool then you would love to stay in Jumbo Stay Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden. This hostel is a converted 747 jet where you can sleep and take shower but you need not worry about turbulence. Getting to your accommodation will be quick as the hostel is located in an unused portion of the airport.

9. Faralda Crane Hotel

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Faralda Crane Hotel is located in a former shipyard on the edge of a river in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Perhaps it’s the wackiest hotel in the list, in a way you can say it’s completely built in recycled materials i.e. a crane. The guests are able to stay in one of three luxurious hotel suites, built in the crane’s old machine room. If you have phobia of heights then it’s not an ideal place for you as the stay is 164 feet high in the air.

10. Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita Cave Hotel

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You want to experience stay in a funky and totally outrageous grotto in Matera, Italy then you will be happy booking few nights in this Cave Hotel. It is built into the Cliffside caves and the whole complex blends beautifully with the adjacent landscape.[pixel]

11. Icehotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

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This Icehotel is located a bit north of the Artic Circle in Sweden where it’s supposed to be pretty cold. This Icehotel is considered as the ‘Original ice hotel’. This hotel is built every winter when the workers take two months each to cut the ice from the frozen Torne River and sculpt the hotel. This hotel is open only for five months in a year.

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