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13 Weird Reasons Some People Avoid Traveling to the Netherlands

There is no such place in the world that is entirely good and perfect. There are places which people say is too good to be true like Greek islands, Majorca in Spain and the other place is Netherlands. There is not a single person who say bad thing about this place, almost all praise how great Netherlands are. But it’s not so true. Here are few reasons for never visiting Netherlands.

1. Smoke Marijuana

Weighing Cannabis Buds (budding)

You must have heard that it is legal to sell and smoke marijuana in Amsterdam. It is just so weird that there are bars and cafes specifically to smoke this stuff. So basically you will find a bunch of people who like to smoke, chill out and enjoy, this is totally an annoying thing here in Netherlands.

2. Boats and loads of boats

Gdansk Old Town (ethanhjy)

Netherlands River are really over loaded with boats, it’s just way too many. Everyone feels it’s so great to meander up and down in the river especially during the sunset so as to enjoy the surroundings. But the truth is there are so many damn boats that you’ll find nothing beautiful about it.

3. Way too much cheese

Cheese display on the market (m71)

Netherlands make some of the most delicious cheese in the entire world. But as a saying goes ‘too much is too bad’ likewise this place has way too much of cheese. Almost everything is prepared using cheese. If you are not used to eat all the cheese, you’ll find you are stuck in hotel room and doubled over in pain and just waiting for some magic to occur.

4. Too old buildings

The Grand Canal Venice, Italy at night (namzo)

Netherlands has not seemed to modernize any of their building. They are still too old nasty buildings around. If they wish to, they can bulldoze all those old constructions and put up some strip malls so that locals can have some access to hallmark stores. You can also find that there is not even a single Radio Shack over there for the records. This is just another reason to stay away from this place.

5. Very creative with French fries

Perfect French fries (pesce)

When you crave for French fries, you always expect something like an authentic deeply fried fries, lightly salted and dip with your ketchup. But here, it’s really hard; I wish you good luck to find such fries. Perhaps, in Netherlands they believe in serving fries perfectly crisp and with all kinds of optional toppings.

6. Antiquated Infrastructure

. Gray water channel and windmills in Holland (Vishwas Katti)

The images you get to see of windmills in Netherlands are same and monotonous as every other here. In fact, they are all over the place and they still work! They still use these windmills to pump water! The world has developed modern technology and the people here seem still backward.

7. A lot of people eat outdoors

Two man having lunch at a nice small bar in the city of Utrecht (Ryan Plomp)

If you are a kind of person who loves to eat inside in peace then this is absolutely not the place for you. Here people like to eat outdoors a lot more than indoor. Wherever you go through the streets you’ll find outdoor eating spots.

8. Bikes in all the places

Bicycles Parking (sleblanc01)

Netherlands people use bicycles as their main mode transportation. You will not understand what the concept is behind this. I have no idea, what they do if they need to go fast and if they have to travel miles together with stuffs loaded up on little bikes. It’s just so absurd.

9. It’s too much of work

European Rowing Team in red uniform (Huard)

Usually you go on a vacation for some relaxation and peace of mind. If you are visiting Netherlands for this reason then it is not the place for you. Netherlands has a lot of culture, sports, art and music, history and architecture. If you don’t want to get exposed to this then stay away from it and relax and enjoy your vacation.

10. Locals always in a good mood

Beautiful young woman in stylish masquerade costume (ugurarpaci)

Being in a good mood all the time is a turnoff for most people. You cannot trust people who are always happy and in good mood. It makes you feel they are not trustworthy. Even surveys have shown that the Dutch are way too happy. Guess it’s because of all the marijuana and boats.

11. Way too many colors

Pink tulip field (edzer038)

Everything is too much here. Even when it comes to planting flowers, they over do it. Much of the countryside is lined with colorful flowers for miles together. This over dosage of colors can give you a headache.

12. The Wildlife

Deer sitting on the bush in the middle of the woods (mary_rodideal)

Since Netherlands is not urbanized enough, a large chunk of their country is left as a natural habitat for wildlife. So while driving through the country you are going to see either deer grazing or foxes chasing each other. That is as much of wildlife that you are going to see.

13. Hell lot of stars to see

Orange and white lighthouse and a sky full of stars (marcels944)

Another effect of the lack of urbanization is really dark nights and all the stars that come out. Not a good thing if you want to ride your bike at night. Doing so will get you in trouble.

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