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The 10 Most Peaceful Countries On Earth

Bombarded by the media’s endless headlines and breaking news, the world can often feel like a pretty nasty place. It can at times feel like there is more violence than kindness with endless wars. But actually, there are a lot of countries on this Earth that steer clear of the bad vibes and focus on creating happiness. There are more countries than we might think of with functioning and peaceful societies, where people coexist in harmony.

These destinations have tons to teach us about the ways of attaining peace. Most of these countries have a lot in common too. All of the countries which have achieved such contented unity value their people as the number one priority. They take care of their citizens by providing better health care, education, and work benefits. The key to peace is not a secret, and these countries are happy to teach us how.

1. Iceland

Northern Lights in Iceland Canyon (r3dmax)

Not only does Iceland have drop-dead gorgeous scenery, but it’s just about the safest country in the world. Iceland has an extremely educated population with a 100% literacy rate and remarkably low murder statistic, at 1.8 murders per 100,000 people. The U.S., in comparison, has about 6 per 100,000.

2. Czech Republic

Beauty Cityscapes of Prague,Czech Republic (Julia Solonina)

The Czech Republic rates high on all of the safety scales. Its people are healthy, nonviolent, and generally content. This country is far more concerned with its hopping music scene, rich history, and craft beers than dangerous activity.

3. Australia 

Opera House Sydney Australia (sahosri)

If you want to live a long and healthy life in a beautiful environment, Australia might be your future. Aussies have a life expectancy of 82, which is just one sign of many that shows this country knows how to live happy and healthily.

4. Sweden

Mountain River Flowing and Pine Trees along the River Bank (jonflobrant)

Perhaps the reason Sweden is such a peaceful country is because their people are well looked after by their government. Sweden has an outstanding welfare system, a lengthy parenting leave of 15 months for mothers and fathers, and high standards of living. If you can stand the abundance of snow, Sweden is the place to be.

5. Canada

A Picturesque of Moraine Lake in Alberta Canada (john_artifexfilms)

Canada is definitely a peaceful country that deserves recognition in such a list. Its people are happy by Canada’s solid economy and beautiful scenery. There are plenty of work opportunities in this country, and education is also highly rewarded.

6. Finland

Green Canoe in Nuuksio National Park Lake in Finland (SaiKrishna)

In Finland, class inequality and corruption are essentially non-existent. And with one of the best education systems on Earth, its no wonder Finland is such a peaceful country. Its people are so happy that they aren’t even bothered by their freezing winters.

7. Japan

Red Chureito Pagoda and Snowcapped Vocalno Fujisan (jlhopes)

Citizens of Japan are so content as evident by the cherry blossoms and remarkable politeness of their people that peace naturally comes their way. Their mind-blowing food, scene and transportation system are the impressive products of this peaceful population.

8. Switzerland

Swiss Alps Winter (mfoster)

When they aren’t busy hitting the slopes, the Swiss are taking advantage of their enviable healthcare system, employee benefits, and education opportunities. Switzerland is an incredibly peaceful country, most concerned about the wellbeing of their people as a whole.

9. New Zealand

Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand (ofbekdemir)

Ninety percent of immigrants in New Zealand say that they would suggest to family and friends for them to move to their new country . This proud and peaceful nation gets more vacation days than most countries, probably to explore their beautifully scenic land.

10. Denmark

Colorful Buildings Along the Waterfront in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark (Nick Karvounis)

Although the taxes are higher than average in Denmark, Danish people are some of the happiest on the planet. This is because tax dollars are spent on making the Danish lifestyle extra relaxed. The exceptional welfare system here is also notable.

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