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Top 11 Lies Airlines Tell Us All The Time

Airways are the most convenient mode of transportation for overseas travel. The long distance can easily be covered in hours when compared to land or water transportation. Flying can be made fun and exciting. While travelling in airlines you can just lay back, relax and enjoy the services provided. It is the best way to travel, if you can afford for it.

Some people have the fear of flying. It is one of the most common phobias people have, just like fear of heights. Well, it is quite normal to be afraid when you trust your life in the hands of a complete stranger (pilot). Few passengers, during flight, feel nauseous and dizzy as the flight takes off.

As we all know, the facilities provided are great in airlines which is in par with the high cost of flight. But there are few secrets which the airlines do not want us to know. Here are some of the few secrets revealed about the airlines which make you think twice before booking the next flight.

1. The oxygen mask

Airplane oxygen masks (adjusterpro)

The oxygen mask is one of the basic life supports which the passenger receives during emergency situations. Before the flight takes off, the stewardesses’ of the flight will always instruct about the safety precautions. But what the flight crew fails to tell you is that the oxygen mask actually is able to supply only 15 minutes of oxygen. In few emergency cases that 15 minutes of oxygen supply is enough but there are lot of situations where that 15 minutes of oxygen is not enough.

2. Missing screws of the plane

Missing screws of the plane (goebelfasteners)

The passengers travel comfortably in plane unaware of missing minuet parts of the plane. There are official guidelines which actually show you that how many screws can be missing in the wings of a plane. And you will be astounded to know actually how many are actually missing.

3. Do not drink tap water

Tap black faucet kitchen sink (kaboompics)

It is not safe to consume the tap water in plane. One of the famous journals had tested the sample of tap water in a plane and found that the water was unfit to consume because it carries approximately 100x bacteria than that of the limit in the U.S. So think about it next time you order tap water.

4. The Lightning strikes

Lightning storm (sethink)

During the rough weather, thunder and storms are the first things to hit the planes. This can be an unpleasant experience as the plane shakes violently, when it’s hit. Lightning often strikes the plane and sometimes even damage the electronic system causing issues such as technical malfunction.

5. Missing floating device

Flight steward with the floating device supports (Traveller site)

Floating device supports you when you’re drowning in water. In a plane, this device is always under the seats. This is one of the commonly stolen items in planes. Next time when you take a seat in flight make sure that the life jacket is under your seat.

6. Unlocked toilets

Lavatory sign (thesun)

The airplanes have washroom or toilet facilities. There is a secret lock from outside the airplane bathroom that will allow the flight attendants to open the door if you get yourself locked in for long time. Next time you use aeroplane bathroom make sure to take short time in there to avoid being unlocked from outside.

7. Nodding off pilots

Cockpit pilots (StockSnap)

During long flights pilots often take a nap. And this isn’t just during their scheduled sleeping time. During this time the auto-pilot takes charge of the plane but the passengers are unaware of it.

8. Food for pilots

Airplane breakfast (233698)

Usually different food is given to each pilot. This is done just to reduce the risk of all the pilots onboard developing food poisoning simultaneously. If any one pilot develops food poisoning, the other pilot is fit to continue flying.

9. The emergency doors

Airplane’s emergency exit (insider)

The plane has huge emergency exit with a handle above. This actually exists so that the cabin crew don’t get pushed out when the flight is in mid- air.

10. Lazy service

A steward wearing the oxygen mask (thesun)

During the night flights have you ever noticed the service is slow? This is because the cabin crew will wait for the passengers to fall asleep. When this happens, this reduces their work.

11. Unwashed comfort pillows

Pile of pillows on the overhead storage of the plane (rd)

The blankets and pillows provided for you in the airplane may be used before. They are not washed before its being given to another passenger. Next time you travel by flight carry your own blanket.

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