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9 Unexplored Exotic Destinations In The Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. It has always been a popular destination with the worldwide tourist. You can lay back and relax on these gorgeous Caribbean beaches and dozens of tiny islands. As a matter of fact, all the Caribbean islands are actually beautiful and equally desirable in their own way. And the Caribbean is one of the top destinations for a honeymoon.

Usually, these places are crowded with tourists. However if you really want to get away from the crowd and need some awesome spots that are rarely occupied, then here are some of the most under- the- radar Caribbean destinations that will blow your mind.

1. Santa Catalina, Providencia, and San Andres

Kids laying on the swing tied on palm tree along the beach (travellarapp)

These amazing islands are not actually near Colombia, in fact they’re much closer to Panama and Nicaragua. This archipelago is collectively known as the Sea Flower Biosphere Reserve, where in some places the water is so shallow that can you walk from one island to the other.

The islands have some of the coolest bar crawls in the world. If drinking is not your vacation priority, then you can go for shallow water diving and snorkeling as the islands are fairly undeveloped.

2. Haiti

Landscape photography of mountains and trees (kayla_gibson)

Haiti was among the most alluring vacation destinations in the world, but unfortunately today it has turned to be one of the most underrated destinations. It is located between the beaches at Jardin sur Mer. B and surfing destination at Pistons Beach at Jacmel which has the same palm trees, white sand and turquoise waters same as the rest of the Caribbean. Haiti is almost the Hawaii of the Atlantic.

Haiti appreciates Afro-Caribbean music and art that you is hardto find on any other islands. Presently, Haiti has an impressive collection of fine Boutique hotels in the capital city that indicates it is poised to return to its former glory.

3. St. Croix, USVI

Green grass and mountains under the white clouds and blue sky (Drew Dempsey)

St. Croix is the calmest place to be in all of the Virgin Islands. Here you can get the real feel of what life in the Caribbean is all about. You won’t find huge five star luxurious hotels here but rather you’ll find an endless collection of funky waterside restaurants and bars.

St. Croix is also home to Buck Island, a National Marine reserve and among the world’s best snorkeling destination. The locals here keep things authentic, so you get to experience the great Caribbean food and drinks anywhere on the islands.

4. Briland

Ocean Shore Harbor Island Bahamas

Briland, also referred to as the Harbor Island which boasts 3.5 miles of packed pink sand beaches that is considered one of the best beaches in the Bahamas.

It is considered special not only due to its beautiful beaches but because it has also managed to build luxurious hotels, resorts and sufficient bars and restaurants to keep the visitors engaged. This place might be challenging to reach but it’s definitely worth the trip.

5. Nevis

Rocky high trail on the mountain under the blue sky (miglu_in_blue)

The lesser developed of the two islands making up the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Nevis is one of the untouched paradises, which has a lot to offer. From Pristine beaches with beautiful blue waters, friendly people to lush tropical rain forests that just make this island a spectacular one. This is a great destination for couples who seek for quite and romantic getaway.

6. Tobago

The Main Ridge Forest Reserve, The Most Biodiverse Areas in the Caribbean

Trinidad and Tobago is the southernmost country in the Caribbean chain of islands and is located just off the coast of Venezuela. Tobago is the smaller resort island which is relatively an untouched unspoiled island. Most of the resorts here are quite peaceful and low-key as tourism isn’t a major driving force in the economy.

7. Dominica

Trafalgar Falls – double-falls (Reinhard Link)

Dominica is known as ‘the nature island of the Caribbean’ and has some of the most amazing black sand beaches. Morne Tois Pitons National Park has some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean and has trails passing through the dense jungle and outlet at the scenic Victoria and Trafalgar waterfalls.

It’s a perfect destination for the enthusiastic hikers. This park is also the home of boiling lake. Across this wonderful island is the Champagne Reef, a reef that is set on the hot springs where the bubbles create a sensation for scuba diving.

8. Culebra, Puerto Rico

Aerial photo of beautiful and green beach and beach goers (Instagram: ray.mesh)

If you are looking for luxurious hotels with Wi-Fi and air conditioning for a tropical vacation, then Culebra is not the place for you. This tiny Culebra has only a handful of boutique hotels and guesthouse where A/C is not guaranteed. It is quiet and has private beaches where you can lay back and relax or snorkel with the sea turtles.

You can also go for hikes and kayak paddles through the pristine Caribbean wilderness. This spectacular island is located 19 miles from Puerto Rico and is a perfect destination if you are looking for some seclusion and don’t want to leave U.S territory.

9. Saba, Dutch Antilles

Green trees on mountains (Julian Berengar Sölter)

Saba is a tiny Hamlet where you can just relax surrounded by turquoise water and friendly people. But visiting this place might be a little tricky as you have to land on the world’s smallest commercial runway. You will however get to experience the most scenic drive in the Caribbean.

Saba also has really great food to offer you. The restaurant at Queen’s garden and Brigadoon are the top, non-tourist restaurants in region.

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