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Honeymoon in Sicily: Perfect Blend of Love and Adventure

Your perfect honeymoon destination should give you a chance to relax and rejuvenate after the stressful demands of planning, and going through a wedding. So let your romantic getaway be in Sicily!

Finding the perfect destination for a honeymoon can be overwhelming – with so many options available. It’s important that you find the right one. Because whichever you may end up choosing, will set the overall vibe of your honeymoon. It’ll help ensure this early phase of your married life is enjoyable and memorable. So your romantic getaway should be someplace that’s truly meaningful to both of you.

A beach honeymoon on a secluded island, for example, provides privacy and exclusivity. An adventure-filled honeymoon in the wild, on the other hand, adds to the thrill and excitement of spending your post-wedding holiday on a retreat, away from the noise of city life. So let’s help you find the perfect honeymoon destination for you and your spouse!

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Is Sicily a good honeymoon destination?

Enchanting moonlight reflecting on the ocean’s surface. (12019)

A honeymoon in Sicily passes all the above-mentioned expectations. Here are the reasons why. This largest and densely populated island in the Mediterranean Sea is home to seven Unesco World Heritage sites.

That alone says you’ll never run out of beautiful places to visit. But there’s more! Sicily is home to 9 of the 13 volcanoes in Italy, 3 of which are active volcanoes – Stromboli, Vulcano, and Mount Etna.

Sicily’s culture and cuisine are a fusion of multi-racial influences. Caponata, prawns, anything citrus, pasta, cannoli, parmesan cheese, and locally-produced white wine. Sicily is on the southernmost tip of the country, and has a Mediterranean climate. Average temperatures range from 22 to 25 degrees, which means more time for outdoor activities.

Its archaeological ruins, medieval towns, historic cities, and ancient ruins are an amazing treasure trove of humbling lessons in history, geography, and life in general. 

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Sicily

Here are 10 of the most beautiful places in Sicily. Most of them are Unesco World Heritage sites. The rest that aren’t inscribed don’t mean they’re not as beautiful. 

1. Val di Noto

Cattedrale di San Nicolò in Sicily (wulfcb)

The Province of Noto is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s located in southeastern Sicily. And is known for its cultural and culinary attractions. 

Built in early 1600, the region was reconstructed in 1693 after a devastating earthquake. The eight towns of the province have many buildings with elaborately designed interiors and brightly colored frescoes. 

One of them is the old town of Noto, which is famous for the Cattedrale di San Nicolò, the historic Palazzo Castelluccio, among others. Noto is also home to white sandy beaches, hidden coves, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking hiking trails. This makes Noto a popular destination for active couples who love the great outdoors. 

2. Palermo

Palermo waterfront (nataliaaggiato)

Palermo is Sicily’s capital city and largest city. It’s located in north western Sicily and is known for the Palermo Cathedral, which houses the royal tombs of past Roman emperors. Norman Palace houses the famous Palatine Chapel.

Palermo ranks 5th among the world’s leading hubs for street food. It’s also known for the rugged beauty of its coastline, picturesque fishing villages, fresh seafood, and local wines. Behind the dramatic scenery of its landscape, Palermo is a bustling city with a vibrant nightlife. Trendy bars, clubs, and acclaimed restaurants fill its city streets.

Table settings in a restaurant (neshom)

You can attend a cooking class, or join the World Festival on the Beach. It’s an annual celebration that features live musical performances, and sporting competitions like beach volleyball, sky jumping, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

Kite Surfing on sunset (Tawnyowl)

3. Giardini Naxos

Giardini Naxos Museum (Websi)

Giardini Naxos is a fascinating coastal town on the northeastern coast of Sicily. It has nice fine sand beaches and isn’t as “touristy” as its neighbors. 

It’s a short distance away from Taormina, which on the other hand, is famous for the Teatro Antico di Taormina – an ancient Greek theatre. The Romans transformed it into a battleground for gladiators. 

Giardini Naxos Archaeological Park has an 18th-century fortress, old citrus trees, olive groves, and Greek ruins. It also has a museum that houses numerous Greek artifacts.

Take a guided off-the-beaten path ATV tour from the town to Mount Etna. And pass through the dirt tracks that lead to the vineyards and wineries of Castiglione di Sicilia. Be amazed by panoramic views of the lava flow and volcanic landscapes shaped and drawn onto the soil by the past eruptions of Mt. Etna.

Or a guided semi-submarine tour from Giardini Naxos to Isola Bella, and discover the breathtaking underwater world of Naxos. Giardini offers some of the most exciting activities for newlyweds – making this town one of the most popular Sicilian honeymoon destinations.

4. Mount Etna an active stratovolcano

Mt. Etna Sicily (tiburi)

Mount Etna can be found on the eastern coast of Sicily. The stark, yet perfect combination of lava flows, dark sand, and volcanic rocks on its slopes make it oddly stunning. Mt. Etna is a Unesco World Heritage site. It erupts once a year on average, making it the most active volcano in Europe. 

The 1669 eruption of Mt.Etna in the Middle Ages, and the November 1928 eruption destroyed 14 nearby villages and towns, including the small town of Mascali. These two are the most destructive eruptions recorded in the history of Mount Etna.  

It spews volcanic ash that goes even beyond Italy. It erupted just this Sunday, May 22, 2023.

It pollutes the air but fertilizes the soil, which in turn supports robust agriculture in the region. Etna’s invaluable contribution to science and history can never be ignored.

Guests can start their guided tours from the cable car station in Rifugio Sapienza. Or hike the summit. The volcano offers breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Taormina and nearby towns.

5. Catania

Alley with umbrellas in Catania (ariesa66)

Catania is a port city in eastern Sicily. It’s known for its proximity to Mount Etna, baroque architecture, and delicious food. Cannoli, pasta dishes, and its version of arancino. Find a hotel or a restaurant that serves horse meat steaks and meatballs.

Asparagus and steak (RitaE)

Piazza del Duomo is one of Catania’s most famous landmarks. The main square consists of the Cattedrale di Sant’Agata, Fuente del Amenano, and the Fountain of the Elephant.

La Pescheria is a busy fish market in Catania, where anything edible from the sea is being sold and bought.

The Roman Amphitheatre of Catania is the largest of its kind in Sicily. It served as a bomb shelter in WWII. Today, the remains of the amphitheatre form part of a group of awesome arenas that includes the Verona Arena, the Amphitheatre of Capua, and the Colosseum.

6. Aeolian Islands

Rock formation in Aeolian Islands, Sicily (milito10)

The Aeolian archipelago is an addition to Sicily’s list of Unesco World Heritage sites. The archipelago is made up of seven volcanic islands located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the northeastern coast of Sicily. It can be reached by helicopter, hydroplane, ferry or boat.

The archipelago is home to Fico Grande, which is famous for its rare black sand beaches. And 2 of the 3 active volcanoes in Sicily – the Stromboli, Etna,  and Vulcano. 

The archipelago has museums and some of the best hotels in Sicily. Soothing mud baths, island-hopping, scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, and sailing opportunities are available for guests. Its year-round warm weather makes it a favorite destination for water sports enthusiasts. 

Sail boat (usameredith)

Panarea is the smallest yet most glamorous among the 7 islands. It offers a unique, luxury honeymoon because of its lively nightlife and exciting yacht parties during the summer months. Popular among young couples who want to spend an upscale honeymoon on a secluded island.

7. Syracuse – ancient Greek theatre

An architecture in Syracuse (Tama66)

Syracuse is a fascinating Sicilian city situated near the Gulf of Syracuse and the Ionian Sea. It was once the largest city in the old Mediterranean world. 

Its long stretch of coastline offers excellent snorkeling and scuba diving sites. Syracuse is home to 41 beautiful beaches including the famous Fontane Bianche and San Lorenzo Beach, which are known for their white sand and turquoise waters.

                                                                   white sand beach

It’s known for its Greek ruins, lemon orchards, and cafes that serve arancini and cannoli. It has medieval winding streets where you and your partner can have a romantic stroll, with sparkling blue sea views as the backdrop.

The ancient theatre in Syracuse was originally builton the slopes of Temenite Hill in the 5th century BC. Rebuilt in the third century, and was renovated by the Romans. What remains of the Greek theater forms part of the Necropolis of Pantalica of today, which is a world heritage site. 

8. Agrigento and the southern coast

Ruin temple in Agrigento, Sicily (Scalli)

Agrigento is a city perched on a plateau in southern Sicily, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The Temple of Concordia is noted for its best-preserved Greek temples. It’s made entirely of precisely cut stone, fitted and fastened only with dowels and iron clamps. It was turned into a Christian shrine in the 6th century.

The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento consists of eight ancient Greek temples, 3 sanctuaries, a cemetery, and a museum.

Kolymbetra is a 6-hectare irrigated garden inside The Valley of Temples complex. It’s one of the subtropical gardens where citrus and old olive trees grow abundantly.

The southern coast is famous for sports fishing. The unspoiled nature reserve of Eraclea Minoa, wheat fields, and citrus orchards can be seen while cruising along the stretch of fine sand beaches. And Scala dei Turchi, which is famous for its rocky cliffs.

9. Egadi Islands, the great three islands

Egadi is an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, off the western coast of Sicily. It’s home to the biggest marine reserve in Europe. Newlyweds who are seeking a more laid-back Sicily honeymoon on the beach will find the scenic beauty of Egadi very appealing. It offers swimming, spelunking, trekking, boat tours, and island-hopping opportunities.


Favignana Island in Sicily (milito10)

The biggest island is a 30-minute (to an hour, tops) ferry ride away from Trapani. Known for its sandy beaches and bluefin tuna. Getting around the island is easier on a rented bike or car. It’s an ideal romantic getaway to Sicilyif you’re looking for a quieter and more relaxing holiday.


The smallest island has a small marina, and several houses, and caves with historic paintings and engravings, including the famous Grotta del Genovese. No cemented pathways except for one asphalt road that leads to the beaches. You can book a hostel or a hotel online before you take the trip to Levanzo. Or stay in one of the rented rooms.

Marettimo Island

The farthest but considered the most beautiful of the islands. Its rocky cliffs, caves, and natural pools make up its unspoiled landscape. It’s home to rare flora, donkeys, and birds of prey.

10. Cefalù 

Seaside houses of Cefalu (nicolagiordano)

Cefalù is a charming coastal town on the northern coast of Sicily. It’s home to some of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches, and cobblestone streets lined with boutiques, bars, and restaurants.

The Cathedral of Cefalu is a Norman-style, 12-century masterpiece, known for its Byzantine mosaics that depict Bible scenes.  

The Museo Mandralisca is a private museum that houses valuable coin and shell collections, classical paintings, and rare archeological finds.

The town is known for its traditional Sicilian cuisine. Pasta a taianu (aka pasta in a saucepan), caponata, provola, and pecorino romano cheese. Cefalù is also home to several wineries, making it a great place for wine tasting and sampling.

Fusilloni pasta

Cefalu has resorts, rooms for rent, bars, and restaurants. A luxury hotel or a boutique hotel? Your choice. Its laid-back vibe promises a more relaxing honeymoon.


Tips For a Perfect Sicilian Honeymoon

Here are a few things you need to be reminded of before going to Sicily. For a more organized and hassle-free honeymoon that you and your partner will never forget. 

When to travel to Sicily

If you like a quieter Sicily, when visits to archaeological sites won’t require you to wait in line, it’s best to visit between November and March. Generally, though, most people visit between April to October. The weather during this time of the year is mild and has lower chances of rainfall.

Entry Requirements

The Italian government decides who gets to enter the country with or without (if you’re from a visa-exempt country) a visa. Entry requirements depend on your nationality as a traveler, the purpose, and the duration of your stay.

U.S. citizens are required to have a valid passport when entering Italy. No visa is required for those who want to stay for up to ninety days.

Safety in Sicily

Sicily is generally safe. It’s actually a nice place to travel to for a honeymoon vacation. You are, however, advised to take caution, to keep your belongings safe, as you normally would anywhere else. 

Watch out for travel advisories from your embassy, for places that aren’t recommended for you to go to.

Driving in Sicily

Driving License in Sicily

Driving in Sicily isn’t that difficult. In fact, it’ll be easier to get to a remote destination if you know how to drive. Rent one if you don’t have one, especially if you intend to spend your honeymoon in a secluded place where public transport isn’t readily available. 

Here’s the catch. Non-residents of the European Union aren’t issued an EU driver’s license. Italian laws require that anyone renting a car in Italy and driving it around the country should have an IDP (International Driver’s Permit).

Days to Spend in Sicily

If circumstances won’t let you have an extended Sicily honeymoon, go out of your hotel and try to make the most out of your visit. 3 to 5 days would suffice for you and your spouse to enjoy a romantic Sicilian retreat.


This article has presented you places that show how beautiful Sicily is. The romantic activities in Sicily that couples can engage in are at par with what other honeymoon destinations in the world offer, at a fair price that won’t clean up your wallet. 

Whatever kind of honeymoon you’d like it to be, Sicily has all that and more. Just a few reminders before we wrap this up.

European countries are more liberal when it comes to regulating PDAs. Hugging or even kissing in public is no big deal, as long as it’s done in good taste. 

It won’t matter whether you’re the CEO of your company. In Sicily, you’re just like any tourist. A stranger on a Sicily honeymoon that’s prone to pickpockets. So bring only the basics when traveling to avoid getting yourself into trouble. 


Where can I honeymoon in Sicily?

Anywhere in Sicily can potentially be a perfect honeymoon destination. Each place has unique characteristics that appeal to newlyweds of all ages. Oh, hold on. Here’s something to ponder. 

Val di Noto and Cefalù are both known for their cultural attractions. So if you’re looking for a cultural honeymoon in Sicily, they’re your best bet. Egadi and the Aeolian Islands offer privacy and quiet time to spend with your special someone. Perfect for a honeymoon that’s away from the crowd. 

How to plan your 2 weeks in Sicily: Ultimate 14-Day Sicily Itinerary

Is Sicily an expensive place to visit?

Sicily is an affordable honeymoon destination. You’ll get to stock up on beautiful memories as a newly married couple, without spending all your honeymoon budget. 

If you have the cash to splash around, choose a 5-star hotel that offers all-inclusive Sicily honeymoon packages that’ll take care of your transport and accommodation needs. 

Honeymoon resorts in Sicily are usually found near beaches. Book a hotel or a private home with several rooms and a panoramic terrace. Rooms with all the amenities you need for a comfortable rest after a day of exploration. 

A luxury hotel usually comes with a nice parking space for your car, a swimming pool, or an infinity pool if you don’t feel like going out to the beach. So no pressure. You can just lounge in the sun and sip a drink.

Is Sicily close to the Amalfi Coast?

Amalfi and Sicily are 213 miles apart. But distance shouldn’t be a problem if you’re staying in a hotel in Sicily and want a detour to sail a yacht in Amalfi. 

You can take a 12-hour train ride to get there. And a little longer if you take a bus. However, if you’re in Catania or Palermo, the nearest airport is in Naples where you can fly to Amalfi for a shorter travel time. 

Do I need to learn Italian before going to Sicily?

Sicilians are a welcoming people. They’re kind, as long as you stay in your lane and don’t offend them or violate their laws.

You’ll do just fine without having to learn how to speak Italian. Well, there’s an app to help you with simple translations. Just be kind, too. That’ll take you to places you never imagined you would be.

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