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Top 20 Happiest Travel Destinations in the World

Ready for a dose of travel inspiration? Get set to explore the top 20 happiest travel destinations in the world this 2023 and delve into what makes these places truly captivating!

Who wouldn’t want to see the world’s most joyous destinations, right? Well then, join us as we uncover the top 20 happiest travel destinations in the world. Experience the thrill of exploring these places – the unique experience of soaking in the vibrant cultures of these incredible destinations! And together, let’s discover what are the world’s happiest places.

Top 20 Happiest Places to Travel 2023

Wander through the picturesque landscapes of these frequently visited tourist destinations globally. And be pleasantly surprised at every turn in any of these happiest travel destinations in the world. 

1. Finland

The latest World Happiness Report ranked Finland first on its list. Finland is on the top spot of the happiest countries in the world – for the 6th year in a row. Visit Finland now, it’s the happiest country with the lowest crime rate – 2.71 compared to the 5.6 rating for the US. Finland offers free education, and access to quality health care, which improves life expectancy for the ultimate life satisfaction of its citizens. 

The Finns enjoy a good work life balance – generous vacation time and other benefits. So visit Finland and see why its residents are one of the happiest people on earth. 

This happiest country has natural landscapes like no other. It’s home to 41 national parks. Forests cover 75% of its total land area. Green spaces? Finland has a lot. 

Still thinking whether to visit Finland or not? Here’s more. Finland’s 188,000 lakes and 647 rivers cover about 10% of its surface area, where fishing and boating are a common sight. They provide ways for you to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and other outdoor activities. 

2. Denmark

Denmark ranked number two in this year’s report. It’s the second happiest country in the world. Coincidentally, Denmark is also the world’s second country with the lowest crime rate, according to the GPI. Several factors contribute to that: 

Denmark is economically stable, with low levels of poverty and inequality. Its citizens have access to high-quality healthcare, education, and other public services.

Denmark has a relatively small population. This makes it easier to build trust and cooperation, and helps reduce the risk of conflict, resulting in a peaceful and happy society.

Education is highly valued in this happiest country. Its highly educated workforce makes Denmark more competitive in the global economy, which helps create jobs and opportunities for Danes.

Jutland is the largest peninsula in Denmark and is located in the northern part of the country. The border between Germany and Denmark runs along the southern border of Jutland. You can explore the Wadden Sea National Park and go hiking or biking.

Sønderjylland is a region in southern Denmark that was part of Germany until 1920. The region is known for its beautiful beaches, rolling hills, and charming villages. Denmark has a vibrant culture. Its fascinating Viking heritage can be seen in its museums, palaces, and ancient ruins. 

Denmark is home to over 5,800 square miles of forests that covers about 14% of its land area. These forests (Tisvilde Hegn, Gribskov, offer a number of activities like hiking, biking, and camping.

Denmark has a beautiful coastline – sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages that offer opportunities for cycling, surfing, and other outdoor activities. The beautiful scenery of Denmark makes it a happy place to be. 

3. Iceland

Iceland is on the top spot of the Global Peace Index. It’s the safest country on earth. Low level of crime and violence, high quality of life, and healthy life expectancy. All these factors chip in to the well-being of its citizens, making Iceland the 3rd happiest country in the world, says the latest rankings of the World Happiness Report.

Iceland’s culture of acceptance is liberating. Iceland has a strong LGBTQ+ community, where the LGBTQ+ community is widely accepted. This happiest country has one of the highest rates of same-sex marriage in the world.

Iceland is known for its transparency. All public officials and public institutions are required to disclose information to the public, and the media is free to report on any topic. This promotes accountability and lessens corruption in government. 

Iceland has an abundance of natural beauty, which is a source of national pride. When tourists visit, it helps boost the economy. It provides numerous recreational opportunities for Icelanders, such as hiking, camping, fishing, or bathing in hot springs. 

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa surrounded by breathtaking volcanic landscapes. It’s considered one of the most romantic spots in Iceland. Known for its milky blue waters and healing properties, the spa offers massages, facials, and silica mud masks. 

Iceland is one of the 8 happiest countries in the world to witness the Northern Lights in their own backyard with pride and joy. 

4. Israel

Israel ranks 4th among the world’s happiest countries. From 9th last year to 4th this 2023, Israel must’ve taken huge steps to be the 4th happiest country. No surprise, though. 

Israel is a great place to visit. Israel is a country with a happy population and a strong economy. Israelis have a strong sense of gratitude. They’re kind to strangers, despite the challenges of the pandemic over the past few years. 

Israel has faced many challenges throughout its history but has always managed to overcome them. Israel is a beautiful place with a Mediterranean climate – warm summers and mild winters. It’s on the bucket list of people planning to travel around the world. 

Israel has 9 Unesco world heritage sites. The Wailing Wall (aka the Kotel) in the Old City of Jerusalem is one of them. It’s a Jewish holy site and a place of pilgrimage for people of all faiths, where they can pray, reflect, and connect with their spirituality. 

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a church inside the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. It’s the holiest site for Christians. It’s been the most important Christian pilgrimage site since the 4th century. 

The Dead Sea is a unique natural wonder known for its incredibly salty water, which is about 8 times that of the ocean. No fish or other aquatic life survives in it. But the unique bacteria and algae are said to be therapeutic. 

Israel isn’t one of the happiest countries in the world for no reason. It has stunning beaches with crystal clear waters, lush forests, and majestic mountains for tourists to explore. 

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is known for its stunning waterfalls, caves, pools, and streams. It’s a popular spot for hiking, swimming, and bird watching.

5. Netherlands

The Netherlands is the 5th happiest country in the world, according to the latest rankings. The Netherlands is one of the happiest countries in the world. It provides affordable housing to its citizens through several programs such as rent subsidies and social housing.

The Netherlands provides free education to all citizens up to the age of 18. Everyone in the Netherlands has the opportunity to get an education, regardless of their financial background.

The Netherlands is a happy place. It’s the largest producer and exporter of tulips. The tulip fields are a popular tourist attraction. Tourists can take a bus or boat tour to get to Keukenhof Gardens or Bollenstreekor – two of the well-known tulip fields in the Netherlands. 

The canals of Amsterdam are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most favored sites in the Netherlands, which are now used for tourism, recreation, and transportation.

Amsterdam is one of the happiest cities. Its coffee shops (some) are licensed establishments where people can buy and consume cannabis. It’s also known for its red light district, which is a legal area where prostitution is regulated. 

Pay a visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It’s the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh’s work – over 200 paintings and 500 drawings, including some of his most famous paintings, such as the Sunflowers, and Starry Night. It also has a collection of works by Van Gogh’s contemporaries. 

The Netherlands is home to over 1,200 windmills, many of which are still used today. Kinderdijk is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to nineteen 18th century windmills.

6. Sweden

Sweden is famous for its outdoor activities. The Kungsleden (aka the King’s Trail) is a hiking trail in northern Sweden that takes a month to have the entire route covered. It passes through Sweden’s scenic mountains and provides over 400 kilometers’ worth of hiking adventure for even the most experienced trekker. 

Kungsleden turns into a magical ski trail in winter. Skiing in Sweden is incredibly popular. People in the north even ski to work during winter. 

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is known for its unique beauty and charm. The city is built on 14 islands and is connected by 57 bridges, which makes Stockholm one of the most beautiful destinations in Sweden. Djurgården is an island in central Stockholm that’s home to several museums, attractions, and green spaces. 

Sweden has almost 100,000 lakes and 22 rivers. It’s a paradise for swimmers and fishing enthusiasts – with fish species and fishing locations almost everywhere. It’s a great destination for water sports activities canoeing and kayaking. 

Sweden ranks #1 on the Gender Equality Index in Europe. It has a strong culture of equality. Equal opportunities for everyone as reflected in many aspects of Swedish society, including the workplace, education system, and healthcare system. These factors make Sweden one of the happiest countries on earth. 

7. Norway

Norway ranks 7th happiest country for these factors: GDP per capita, free education for everyone, equal access to healthcare, fair distribution of goods, and a healthy work-life balance. 

Norway is a great place to see the Northern Lights. This natural light display is caused by the interaction of charged particles from the sun with the earth’s atmosphere. It’s most visible during the winter months, when the nights are long and dark.

During the summer months in northern Norway, the sun never sets. This phenomenon is known as the midnight sun. To be able to experience sunlight for 24 hours a day is a unique experience. 

Norway is a winter sports powerhouse. It has won more medals at the Winter Olympics than any other country. Norwegians love to participate in winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating.

Christmas is an important holiday in Norway. Norwegians celebrate Christmas with their families and friends. They decorate Christmas trees and sing Christmas carols. They enjoy traditional Christmas food, such as lutefisk and gingerbread cookies. 

Norway is home to some of the world’s most stunning fjords. These long, narrow inlets are surrounded by towering mountains and lush forests. They’re a popular tourist attraction that offers hiking, kayaking, and fishing opportunities. 

Trolltunga is a cliff hovering about 3,600 feet above sea level in Vestland county, Norway. The 17-mile round-trip hike takes about 8-12 hours to complete. Every year, travelers from around the world come here to get a selfie in front of the world-famous cliff. 

Lofoten is a group of islands off the coast of northern Norway. It’s known for its stunning scenery, including snow-capped mountains, dramatic fjords, and traditional fishing villages. Here you’ll see fishing boats, fish heads drying on racks, and noisy seagulls in the skies.

Norway is a beautiful place. It’s a safe and gifted country full of happy people. These contribute to Norway being one of the world’s happiest countries. No wonder it’s on the bucket list of most backpackers from around the world. 

8. Switzerland

Switzerland is the 8th happiest country, according to the World Happiness Report. Thanks to its economic stability, universal healthcare system, and safe environment. Life expectancy among the Swiss is one of the world’s highest. 

Switzerland is known for its safety, punctuality, and cleanliness. Its lakes are cleaner than most swimming pools. Switzerland has cows and other farm animals at every corner cheering up the residents and tourists alike.

Switzerland enjoys freedom from corruption, a low crime rate, and small things like the best cheeses, the most expensive and iconic watches, and chocolates. That makes Switzerland one of the world’s happiest countries. 

Switzerland is a beautiful place that’s home to stunning natural landscapes, forests, lakes, and rivers. These green spaces help clean the air and water. 

Switzerland has a long history of neutrality, which is reflected in its culture. Swiss people are generally reserved and avoid taking sides in conflicts. This explains its historic role as peace negotiator for other nations.

Switzerland has an abundance of natural beauty. The Swiss Alps are one of the most iconic mountain ranges in the world. They’re home to a number of majestic peaks, as well as glaciers, waterfalls, and alpine meadows.

Switzerland has over 1,500 lakes, including Lake Geneva, Lake Constance, and Lake Lucerne. These lakes offer stunning scenery and numerous water activities, such as swimming, boating, and fishing.

Visit Switzerland. Its amazing weather – beautiful summers spent by the lake or beach, hiking. And skiing in the winter. These, among other things, are some of the factors that contribute to why Switzerland is the happiest place this side of Europe. 

9. Luxembourg

Luxembourg ranks 9th happiest country in this year’s report. Its good economic performance, (GDP per capita) is the huge contributor to its ranking. It’s one of the least corrupt countries, and has an excellent education system. Luxembourg also ranked high on the GPI.

Luxembourg City, the capital of Luxembourg, is one of the world’s happiest cities. It’s home to a number of historical and cultural attractions, including the Grand Ducal Palace, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Bock Casemates. Luxembourg City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular destination in Europe for tourists who love its lively nightlife. 

Luxembourg is a beautiful country on its own. Luxembourg is home to a number of other historical and cultural attractions.

Luxembourg has three nature parks that offer opportunities for parachuting and wildlife observation. It has several rock climbing areas with beautiful views of the countryside and forests. 

Hike the Mullerthal Trail. It’s a hiking trail in the Mullerthal region of Luxembourg. The trail passes through a variety of landscapes including valleys, forests, and waterfalls.

10. New Zealand

Zorbing, top 20 happiest travel destinations in the world

New Zealand ranks as the 10th happiest country in this year’s report. It’s the world’s second safest country, according to the GPI rankings. New Zealand is one of the countries with the lowest crime rate – making it a stress-free getaway. 

New Zealand has a thriving economy that offers great job opportunities in various industries such as tourism, agriculture, and technology. New Zealand is gifted with beautiful locations to work in. 

New Zealand is a beautiful country with a vibrant culture and rich history. 

New Zealand is home to several indigenous Maori traditions, as well as a strong European influence. Kiwis are proud of their heritage and celebrate it through a variety of festivals and events.

New Zealand is known for its geothermal wonders, breathtaking calderas and mountain peaks, rolling hills, lush forests, glaciers, fjords, and picturesque lakes. 

Rotorua is a city in North Island, New Zealand. It’s known for its geothermal activity, including bubbling mud pools, shooting geysers, and natural hot springs. Rotorua is also a major center for Māori culture.

There are several Maori cultural tours available in Rotorua for tourists. These tours offer a chance to learn about Maori culture and traditions and offer a chance to interact with the friendly locals and experience Maori hospitality firsthand.

Zorbing is a fun activity in New Zealand where people roll down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball. Zorb balls are usually made of PVC and are large enough to accommodate one or two people. In wet zorbing, the ball has water in it, which makes it slippery and allows the rider/s to slide around inside the ball while rolling down the hill. Zorbing is a fun and bizarre bucket list activity that’ll surely have you laughing. 

New Zealand’s diverse landscapes make outdoor activities like mountain biking, snowboarding, and canoeing, fun and thrilling. Indeed, New Zealand is one of the happiest countries in the world.

How do they measure the overall happiness score of a country

Travel Happiness Index   

Travel Happiness Index (THI) is a measure of how happy people are when they travel. THI results are based on surveys that ask travelers to rate their satisfaction of their travel experience – accommodation, activities, food, the destination itself, and the people. The results are then used to calculate an overall THI for the destination.

THI helps you choose destinations that are likely to make you happy. It also helps tourism businesses identify areas where they can improve their services and make their destinations more attractive to travelers.

The World Happiness Report

The World Happiness Report measures the happiness score of a country by its GDP, the absence of corruption, high safety score, social support, life expectancy, and personal freedom. The rating is based on its happiness scores, which are calculated using data from the Gallup World Poll. 

The survey asks people to rate their lives on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the best. Social support, GDP per capita, and life expectancy are found to have the biggest impact on a population’s happiness score. 

John Helliwell is one of the editors of the World Happiness Report. The work and key findings of John Helliwell help people understand the factors that contribute to global happiness and well-being. This information can be used to create policies that make people happier. 

11. Australia

Sydney, top 20 happiest travel destinations in the world

Australia is the 12th happiest country in the world, as ranked by the World Happiness Report 2023. According to the OECD, Australians are generally happy with their housing, jobs income, and life satisfaction. 

The latest rankings showed a 7.16 happiness score for Australia. The country’s laid-back and relaxed culture, beautiful landscapes, and delicious food contribute to making Australia one of the world’s happiest countries. 

Australia boasts some of the most stunning coastal shores in the world. From Bondi Beach in Sydney to the Whitsunday Islands. The Great Barrier Reef, the 550-million-year-old Uluru, the Murray River, and the vast Australian Outback. These natural wonders offer breathtaking views and ideas for fun outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, etc. 

The 239,723-hectare Purnululu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The park is about 1.84 times the size of Los Angeles, California. 

Purnululu is home to the Bungle Bungle Range, a series of beehive-shaped sandstone domes that rise up to 820 feet above the surrounding plains. The Bungle Bungles are one of the most iconic and most photographed landscapes in Australia. The park is a favored spot for hikers, campers, and those seeking scenic views. 

12. Canada

Canada is the world’s 13th happiest country, according to the latest World Happiness Report. Canada ranked 11th in the Global Peace Index. So tourists and locals alike can walk around without the fear of getting nabbed.

Canada is one the happiest countries on earth for a number of reasons. Canada provides affordable healthcare, housing, education, and other social programs to its citizens. Canada can afford a high standard of living, and enjoy a good work life balance. 

Canada is home to some of the happiest places on earth. Calgary is a vibrant city known for the world’s largest rodeo.

Halifax has a lively waterfront and is known for its seafood, culture, and hospitality. 

Victoria, British Columbia is a charming city known for its beautiful gardens, museums, and outdoor activities – whale watching, canoeing, or kayaking. 

Canada is known for its stunning natural landscapes, from the breathtaking peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the glacial lakes and rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. National parks like Banff and Kluane, forests and mountains offer hiking, skiing, and snowboarding opportunities – the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. It’s one of the world’s popular destinations that you can visit and explore. 

13. Ireland

Girls in uniform, top 20 happiest travel destinations in the world

According to the 2023 World Happiness Report, Ireland is the 14th happiest country in the world. Ireland is a very safe country (1.31 in the GPI this year). The Irish enjoy a high standard of living, have access to quality healthcare, and social services. This contributes to the Irish’s well being and overall happiness.

The Cliffs of Moher are one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Ireland. These towering cliffs rise over 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and offer stunning views of the surrounding coastline. Go for a boat trip. It’s a great way to see the Cliffs of Moher from a different perspective.

The Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Ireland is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a natural rock formation consisting of over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. Guided tours are a great way to learn more about the Giant’s Causeway and its history.

The Boyne Valley tombs (Brú na Bóinne) is home to three prehistoric passage tombs: Newgrange, Knowth, and Dowth. These tombs are over 5,000 years old and are some of the most important archaeological sites in Ireland. They’re believed to have been important religious and ceremonial sites. The Boyne Valley tombs are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

14. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the world’s 19th happiest country, as recently ranked on the latest World Happiness Report. The citizens of the United Kingdom are happy because they enjoy a high standard of living, a good work-life balance, a strong social safety net, and a rich culture and history. 

64% of British families receive some sort of benefit from the government, including over 9 million people who rely on their pensions. The United Kingdom looks after the well being of its residents. The British are one of the happiest people in the world, resulting in a strong sense of humor and a generous nature.

The United Kingdom is a global hub for business, culture, and education. This creates jobs that help boost the economy and increase cultural diversity. It also gives British students access to world-class education and opportunities.

The United Kingdom is a multi-ethnic society with people from all over the world. This diversity helps make the United Kingdom a more attractive place to do business. It also contributes to the UK’s success in the arts, music, and film industries.

The United Kingdom is one of the safest, happiest countries on earth. It has 33 Unesco world heritage sites that attract travelers from around the world. Stonehenge is one of them. Stonehenge is an amazing site. Take a walk. Savor the moment. 

The Visitor Centre is located about 1.5 miles from the Stonehenge Stone Circle. It’s a modern building that houses exhibits that tell the story of Stonehenge and its construction. There’s a cafe and a gift shop at the Visitor Centre.

Visit the Lake District in northwest England (the United Kingdom) known for its beautiful lakes, mountains, and valleys. You can go hiking, biking, or fishing in the Lake District. It’s the happiest place in this side of the region.

15. France

Eiffel tower in blue sky 
top 20 happiest travel destinations in the world

France ranked 21st in this year’s report. It scored 6.661 on the happiness scale. Its rankings in the past few years are 20th in 2021, and 19th in 2020. No matter the ranking, France is still one of the happiest countries on earth. 

France is a country with a strong economy, a high standard of living, and a happy population. France is home to a thriving art and culture scene. Museums, galleries, and theaters are all over the country. The French have a reputation for their deep appreciation of art and culture. 

The French appreciate the simple things in life. They find joy in having a good meal with friends and family. Or a walk in nature. This appreciation for the simple things in life contributes to their overall well-being.

The Gorges du Verdon in southeastern France is one of the most spectacular river gorges in Europe. Known for its towering cliffs and a turquoise river below, it’s a popular destination for hiking, kayaking, and canoeing.

Provence is a region in southern France known for its picturesque villages, rolling hills, lavender fields, vineyards, olive groves, and delicious cuisine. Provence is also home to a number of historic cities such as Aix-en-Provence and Arles. 

Do some more traveling and explore the villages, visit the tourist attractions in Provence. Or do shopping in markets where souvenirs and locally produced products are being sold. 

France is a popular destination that’s home to a number of tourist attractions. Its diverse landscape is one of its greatest assets and is a major draw for tourists around the world. 

16. Zurich

Zurich is known for its beautiful scenery, clean and safe environment, and friendly locals. Zurich residents live comfortably. They have access to nature, culture, and arts. All these factors contribute to why Zurich ranked high on the happiness scale and is one of the happiest cities on earth. 

Zurich is a major global financial center and is home to a number of multinational corporations. The city’s economy is growing, the unemployment rate is low, and incomes are high.

Living in Zurich is a unique and rewarding experience. Zurich can bring out positive emotions and dismiss the negative ones when you wake up to the stunning views of the Swiss Alps. Or spending time with friends and family to visit one of the city’s cozy cafes or bars.

Zurich is one happiest city Switzerland can be proud of. It has remained one of the most livable cities in the world in the past few years. Zurich has a lot of green spaces, with parks and gardens all over. Access to nature has been proven to be beneficial to the mental and physical well being of its residents – which makes them the world’s happiest people. 

17. Copenhagen

Mermaid sitting on the rock. top 20 happiest travel destinations in the world

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, is one of the happiest cities in the world. It’s a vibrant destination known for its narrow cobbled streets, beautiful architecture, and stylish nightclubs that are a blend of old and modern Europe.

There are 1,381,000 people living in Copenhagen. The government is committed to providing its residents with support services such as support programs that address the needs of the mentally ill, the homeless, and senior citizens. 

Copenhagen is a happy city. There are several places to visit and explore. Tivoli Gardens ranks among the world’s oldest and most well-liked theme parks. It’s located in the heart of Copenhagen. The park is known for its beautiful gardens, historic buildings, and exciting rides.

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen deserves a visit. It’s a bronze statue based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s among Copenhagen’s most frequently visited tourist spots, and it’s located on a rock in the harbor. 

The people of Copenhagen have a great sense of humor. They can laugh at themselves and at life in general. This attitude brings joy and positive emotions and as always, kicks out the negative ones. 

 It’s contagious and helps make Copenhagen the happiest place to be. Copenhageners are one of the happiest people in Europe. 

Ride a bike in Copenhagen. It’s one of the world’s most bicycle-friendly cities, with over 50% of all trips made by bicycle. The city has bike paths and lanes that make it easier and safer while traveling around the city. 

18. Vienna

top 20 happiest travel destinations in the world

Vienna is consistently ranked as one of the world’s happiest cities. High standard of living, low unemployment rates, high income, access to quality healthcare – total life satisfaction.

Visit the Belvedere Museum in the Upper Belvedere. It’s an 18th-century Baroque palace in Vienna, and home to a collection of Austrian art, including works by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. The Belvedere Museum is one of the oldest public museums in the world. It’s a great place to learn about Austrian art and culture.

Traveling around Vienna gives you a glimpse of its past, which is rich and fascinating. It’s a happy city, and is known around the world as the birthplace of many musical giants, including Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss.

Vienna is one of the world’s most musical cities. There are concerts happening throughout the year. You’d see everything from classical to jazz to rock music.

Or take a walk along the Danube River that flows through Vienna. It’s a favorite spot for walking, running, and biking.

19. Bali

Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia known for its beautiful scenery, friendly locals, and vibrant culture. No wonder it’s often ranked as one of the happiest places on earth.

Boffers other things that contribute to the happiness of its visitors: a low cost of living, a safe and stable environment, and various activities and attractions to enjoy.

This happiest place in Indonesia welcomes around 5 million tourists from around the world every year. Travelers visit Bali to explore the natural beauty of the island.

To find joy in learning more about yoga and the Balinese culture. To relax and rejuvenate in its numerous wellness spas. And to frolic in its crystal clear waters. 

The island is home to a number of tourist attractions, which are some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Lush rice terraces, pristine beaches, towering volcanoes, and cascading waterfalls.

It’s easy to see why Bali is one of the world’s happiest places. And one of the most visited destinations in Asia. 

20. California

top 20 happiest travel destinations in the world

California is a great place to live or visit. It’s one of the 50 US states with a strong economy, a mild climate, and a diverse population. 

Many employers in California offer their employees flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting and compressed workweeks.  

California is home to some of the most iconic national parks in the United States, including Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Death Valley National Park.

These parks offer visitors the chance to explore the stunning scenery and wildlife.

California is home to some of the world’s happiest cities (Fremont, Sunnyvale, and others), where each happy city and the warm climate contribute to making California one of the happiest places in the US. 

California’s natural beauty – from swimming in the coastal beaches in Malibu to hiking in the John Muir Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, makes California a place where you can truly feel connected to the earth. 

Tips for Finding Joy in Unexpected Places

  • Sing, write, draw. Doing something out of nothing can be fulfilling. 
  • Learn new skills to keep your mind productive. 
  • And find joy in helping others through acts of kindness.
  • Go for a walk, hike, or just sit outside and breathe. 
  • Appreciate the small things, and savor every moment. 

Above are the 20 happiest travel destinations in the world. And what turns an “average destination” into a happiest destination. Or what turns a happiest city into happiest cities.

Let’s spread the happiness, let it overflow until it becomes global happiness. The happiest place to be is in the hearts of people who make a country great.

Also included are insights about the Travel Happiness Index and the World Happiness Report. How they measure the overall happiness score of a country, what’s the happiest country, who gets the highest ranking, and so on.

 This reminds us that true happiness can be found in the most unexpected places.

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